Saturday, April 27, 2013

So, this is a double first.  The first post I have done on my iPad (which means it should take me about 4 hours), and the first post I have ever done about a show I'm in.  I know!!  BFD, right?

Except it is to me.

I am doing "Standing on Ceremony", a collection of nine short plays about gay marriage.  It is superbly written and perfectly cast, and you should come see it.  But what has so surprised me about this show is how it has affected me.

I've done a lot of shows that had a profound effect on me, that's nothing new.  But this one caught me off  guard.  While the theme is gay marriage, I see this show essentially about relationships, and the joy derived from them.

So, here is Debbie...61 years old, alone, Certifiably Undatable, but comfortable, if somewhat jaded, in the fact that it's me and kitties from here on out. Cool.  But that means I tend to stay away from romance novels and romantic comedies, because that's just not my life and I don't care to be reminded about it.

Now along comes this play, with people talking about how happy they are in their relationships, and instead of making me feel sad, and/or bitter, I'm just filled with joy for my kids and  a lot of my dear friends who are experiencing that happiness.  And I feel grateful that I was privileged to feel that a few times in my life, even if some the guys had nefarious motives (I'm looking at you, Bad Steve).  It doesn't matter that I'm not, nor ever again, will be in that place; it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside and that's nice.  I never expected to feel that way again.  Go know.

I have spent the last year embracing the wonderful joys I have in my kids, my friends, my kitties, my acting; and I'm proud of letting go of the parts in my life that have damaged me and can do nothing about.  It wasn't easy, so, yay, me!

But this is an added bonus.  Celebrating love, even though it's not my destiny, and all because of a play.  I fucking love theatre.