Monday, January 16, 2012

Second and Half Blog of the Year

In which I spout forth on more shit I don't get.

I don't get why Brookwood Mall has a parking level called "Lilacs" when there are no lilacs in Alabama, at least I've never seen any in Birmingham.  I can understand "Azalea", though I'm slightly unclear on why the parking levels have flower names in the first place.  Couldn't they just be numbers (works for a blog!)?  And I'm kind of sensitive on the whole lilac issue because they're my favorite flower but I've never seen any down here.  But I guess this one comes under the category, " Who Gives a Flying Fuck", doesn’t it?

I don't get anything about taxes.  Thank goodness I don't work for an account. . .oh, wait.  

I understand why we need taxes and I understand why they have to be incomprehensibly complicated so rich people/accountants/lawyers can get richer and us less-than-rich folk can get financially screwed, but the whole system goes against my grain.  Now, granted, my grain goes in an irregular direction and is slightly warped, but none of it makes any sense to me.  Maybe the whole system is loosely based on the game of cricket, which would explain why I don't get it. 

I also don't get politicians.  Everybody, at some point, looks like an asshole, it happens.  But politicians make a living out of Constantly Being Assholes.  And they get paid big bucks and get to be on national television and say the stupidiest things imaginable (if you have an abortion, your next kid will be disabled--WTF??) and people respect these jerk-offs and vote them into offices where they can make laws.  I don't see a single part of that poorly constructed sentence that makes any sense.  Surely we can come up with a different system.  Maybe we can pick one of those post-aborted disabled kids, blindfold them, spin them around and send them out to wander around the country. Every time they run into someone, that person becomes the newest member of Congress.  (Wait, let me change that, newest member of congress.  I value my initial caps way too much to waste them on that group of useless, pretentious jerks.)  Anyway, I can't imagine the results would be much worse than they are with our current process. 

Well, now I've gone and raised my blood pressure, so I better get off my soap box and go learn lines.  Look thou character. . . . .

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