Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Blog of the Year

Here's how Debbie started the New Year:  fell on my ass last night at Cantina, sprained my ankle, passed out (for the second time in a month) at rehearsal.  But this time I had enough sense to stay in my chair while I passed out, neatly avoiding a pesky visit from the paramedics and I still managed to make it through the rest of rehearsal, so I doubt I did any permanent damage.  And at least I didn't wreck my car, for a change.

The previous paragraph is neither alarming nor surprising.  That's just how I role.  I swear I am not an attention whore (unless I'm in a show--come see my show!), but this shit just always seems to happen to me.  It's okay.  The Universe needs a fall guy and I guess I'm it.  That's cool. Karmically speaking, that means next time I will have straight hair and a chin, be at least 5'5", have an actual career and an adequate income and get laid on a regular basis.  Is that too much to ask? 

But in the meantime, I am going to be uncharacteristically boastful here and say that in spite of First Paragraph-like Shit that keeps happening to me, I have a helluva great attitude.  I am a weird bird, no doubt, but weird in a good way and no matter what Karmic Shitstorm I seem to get caught in, I still think things are going to be all right.  Because although my life has been a train wreck from inception, I'M STILL HERE!!  And I'm overall a pretty cool chick, for someone of my advanced age.  And nine times out of ten the KS ends up being funny and, as we all know, I will do absolutely anything for a joke, even though this blog episode would seem to deny that.

So, bring it, Universe!  I'm ready. . . I can take it.   I have two untouched fenders left on my car; the cast of Skanks doesn't even blink anymore when they see me unconscious; I have yet to fall at Rojo (amazing in of itself).  And 2012 is just getting' started. . . . .

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