Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Conspiracy Theory

I am not prone to political posts.  (But I always allow alliteration.)  However, every once in a while, I feel led to share my Weirder Ideas.  (Yes, very funny, "You mean everything you post," you say, ha. ha.  It is to laugh.)  But check this out.

The Republican Party, in an effort to draw fire away from Paul Ryan and/or Romney's tax returns, paid off a lesser-known politician (Todd Akin) to say something so ridiculously absurd and inflammatory that everyone would start talking about him and forget all about Paul Whatshisname and Romney's legal tax evasion.  Even if it isn't true, it worked.  (Like clapping for Tinkerbell.  Everyone knows that clapping can't bring back the dead, but that damned fairy came alive anyway when we clapped, didn't she?)

This is basically why I don't trust any politicians, even the ones I vote for.  And, yes, I do vote, even though I feel I'm being unrealistically optimistic about our country every time I do so.  But I also believe that Bad Steve will someday pay me back the money he owes me:  Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present  the Grande Dame of Delusions 'R Us. 

But, much like resigning myself to the fact that I'm An Undatable, once I accepted that all politicians suck, it made watching the political fight more enjoyable, in a detached sort of way.  Like watching a toddler pitch a fit in the grocery store; it's entertaining because it's not your kid. 

So, I feel free to come up with these ridiculous political theories which, for all you know, may be true.  Then again, maybe Tink wasn't really dead, but in a medically-induced coma that she just  happened to come out of when we starting clapping.  And I'm sure that check from Bad Steve will be in the mail today.

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