Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Gays of Our Lives

I will be the first to admit, there are a lot of things I don't get:  younger, richer, dates...but right now I am totally flummoxed by the worldwide anti-gay sentiment.  Every time I read a headline about someone pitching a fit about homosexualty, I get this mental image of a medieval lord extolling the virtues of the feudal system.  "....and serfs?  Hell, serfs will be around FOREVER!!"  (Okay, you could get metaphorical here and argue there are still serfs today, what with an embarrassingly low minimum wage, but, remember, we're here to talk about The Gays, not our Tragic Economic Disparity.)
This current onslaught of foreign homophobia confuses me, because these people act like being gay is a new phenomenon, sort of like twerking.  "HUH??  We  never had homosexuals in this country until the Condensed Force of Evil that is the United States of America started letting them get married!   Now it's even spreading to the serfs!!"   Hey, Putinpants, homosexuality has been around since heterosexuality has been around, it wasn't invented by Oscar Wilde.
It reminds me of the early 1960's, when I was a kid, and everyone was batshit terrified that someone in some country somewhere was going to set off the nuclear bomb.  Although, in that scenario, the world would be destroyed.  If a gay bomb exploded, it would just leave the world more tastefully decorated. 
Is homophobia the new bigotry designed to bring the world together?  I mean, racism is becoming a bit passe and, frankly, it's hard to get worked up about about the inferiority of black people if you live in Switzerland.  But homosexuals!!  There's a group of Satan's Spawn we can globally despise! 
It is so. fucking. stupid.  And, perhaps because of the three previously-mentioned-in-the-first-sentence items I no longer get, I have very little patience left for the Devisive Irrational Controlling Knuckleheads Hiding Obvious Latent Evidenditiary Shit, if you get my drift. 
Much like other erroneous, outmoded ideas (the world is flat; bloodletting cures disease; Justin Bieber rocks), in time,  this fear-fueled bigotry will pass.  Then the search will be on to find a new undeserved minority on which to focus our irrational hatred!  Huzzah!  Long Live the 15th Century!! 
Or.... (call me crazy).... we could stop focusing  our energy on hating people and see what happens if we all try to get along.  There, at least I gave you one laugh.

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