Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fifth of the Year

Okay, we open next week and I'm pretty secure on my lines (I'm sure I'll regret that statement) and I am bored, so Back to Blogging.

I just got off three days of jury duty and I recognized a phenomenon I noticed the last three times I pulled JD.  (BTW, I think I've done my Civic Duty, guys, go extort money from the sewer system or something and leave me alone.)  At the beginning of the week, the room is pretty quiet, and people don't talk to each other, but by the end of the week (i.e. two days later) chatty little groups have formed and everyone's BFF.  Not me, of course, that ain't my thing.  My few forays into the world of Smalltalk with Civilians have always ended up the same way.  I'm holding my own for a few minutes, being totally original by commenting on how bad traffic is on Hwy. 280 or Roll Tide/War Eagle and then someone will say something and I spew out a comment I think is funny.  Cue Deathly Silence and Incredulous Stares.  Civilians slowly cross downstage right and exeunt.  (God bless you.)

The fact that I'm Socially Inept bothered me for years.  I'm an improvist, for Chrissake, I should be able to talk to a stranger or two.  Granted, most of my improv scenes involve situations akin to a zombie apocalypse and me saying "fuck" a lot, but that could make for a fun conversation, too, right?  Guess not.   

Anyroad, like so many other weird aspects of my personality, I have come to accept my inability to connect with Civilians.  It gives me a great opportunity to observe people without actually having to interact (and therefore alienate) them.  Someday I will make good use of all the information I've gathered--write a novel where people are in a  zombie apocalypse and have to escape on Hwy. 280 during rush hour, or something.  Meanwhile, I feel that Overwhelming Awkwardness descending on me that happens when I can't think of anything to say. . . .

Roll Tide, Buddy.  

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