Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's a Date (I lost track of what number it should be)

The following mini-paragraphs are actual descriptions of four of my "perfect" matches:

I'm a man that love GOD, family, and loving 2 others as well. I attend church regularly, a member o na, drug free and continously growing.I love longs walks, gazing at the stars, and cuddling (*query*  Who are these "2 others"?  Would they be part of our relationship??)

I am looking for women to have some fun in bRIMINGHAM Al.I am 5 feet 10 tall and I am about 215 Lb Hazes eye black and gray hair.So of you are looking for a men send me a email. ( Sadly, I do not live in "bRIMINGHAM", but I am a sucker for hazes eye)

im 5 9 167 lbs s&p hair dont do drugs am on dis like camping fishing bowling im just plain ole guy likes people likes cooking out or going out some an good movies  (*query*  Do you mean "I am on dis website" or "I am on disability?  Is there a difference?)

I have been single for a long time, I guest it time to move forward in life.  (guest you'll be moving foward without me)

I know these websites are for entertainment purposes only (much like horoscopes and IRS notices), so I don't believe that real people write these.  I mean, they are written by real people, but people that are paid to do this, (like writing jaunty verses for greeting cards) not actual people looking to date actual other people. 
I've recently been on a couple of dates with guys I met online, and it ended up just depressing us both.  Which I did not find entertaining.    
So I guess I'll just stick to making quasi-witty snappy comebacks to my perfect matches. Or maybe I could get a job at one of these "top-notch" dating sites, writing this schlock:
am having been divorce loan time now and ready to moo on.  I like going out but am okey if u wont to stay homo, 2
Yup--I have found my new career. . . . .

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