Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The times they are a-changing

But in the following regard, I don't get why.

I am short.  I was born short.  I will probably die even shorter than I am now.  (Thanks Osteoporosis!)  I know a lot of other short people, many of them women.  Who, for one reason or another, wear clothes.  Which we buy in stores.  That used to have Petite Sections.  Not so much anymore.

"Shorties" are proportioned differently than "Tallies".  If you buy pants in the "regular" (or as I call it "Giant") section, you can hem them for length,  but chances are the crotch will still hang halfway down your thighs.  I am categorically against labia lengthening to solve this problem, but you have your own opinion, I'm sure.  Shorties have shorter arms, smaller shoulders and, well, we're just shorter than then "regular", or "normal"  people.

(I hope you are all playing a drinking game that as you read this every time I put something in quotes you take a drink, because then you're probably hammered by now.  Slainte!)

Many stores used to have Petite Sections.  Ross completely got rid of theirs.  Macy's, Belk's and my beloved SteinMart still have them, but every I time I visit one of these establishments the Petite Section is smaller and Woman's World (For Big Beautiful Women) is larger.  It's kind of like a fashion industry Twilight Zone episode.  Where's Tim Gunn when you need him?  Or Rod Serling, for that matter.

I guess I'll just have to get taller.  Or fatter.  Or change gender.  Or embrace nudism, which probably wouldn't go over so well here in Conservativeville. 

Well, we all know none of that will happen (except the getting fatter).  Short women are still around, retailers, and we still need clothes.  Either start carrying them in stores again, or pay for our trips to Oompa-Loompaville so we can get clothes that fit.

Dippity do and out.

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