Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Rant

I work with a lot of very grumpy people.  They barely (if at all) ever say hello to me and I guess they would get disbarred if they actually smiled.

Now,  Universe knows that I'm not always a bubbling fountain of joy and enthusiasm and I spent most of  my life with Extreme Moodists, so I'm used to temper quirks, but to go around constantly grumpy and unsmiling seems to me a waste of a life. 

Maybe it's because my daughter had emergency surgery yesterday and I was on an emotional roller coaster, but today I am uber-grateful for the wonderful gifts (like my amazing children) that I have been given. 

I try (sometimes successfully) to not judge people.  And maybe these attorneys have untold trials (other than their normal kind) and tribulations I don't know about.  But I have been beat up mentally, emotionally and physically, lost people I love, had all my money taken from me, fired, evicted, rejected and had to ride in a fucking tow truck over 10 times in my life, but I still manage to pull a smile out of my ass every once in a while.

My story is not unique.  I have many dear friends who have histories that make my life seem like Paris Hilton's (only with underwear).  I am not seeking pity here.  What I am saying is, Grow A Pair, attorneys who make a shitload of money!  Life Sucks.  But it's short, so spread a little sunshine around every once in a while and it just might bounce back on you. 

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