Friday, October 14, 2011

Oy Vey

Being in theatre is like being in a relationship.

You're going along just fine without doing a play/dating, then there is an audition/you meet someone you really like. (That last sentence didn't work out so well grammatically, but let me have a little artistic license, here, please?) The more you read/get to know about it/the person, the more you want the role/person.  You go to the audition/first date and you nail it; sorry, that's a poor choice of words: let's just say it goes very well.  Then you get cast/decide to be an item. 

You are absolutely over the moon.

You have the read through/use your imagination for this part.  Everything is great.  You look forward to going to rehearsals/seeing him and/or her every day and you've never been happier.  Then one night, things are a little wonky.  But, no worries, it's early; you're just learning about each other (that one works for both, right?).  There are good days and not-so-good days, but overall you really love this role/person and it's where you want to be.  Enter tech week/insert random length of time here. Everyone/the two of you start(s) to get cranky and tempers are short.  It's supposed to be running smoothly by now, why isn't it?  It needs to be perfect and it isn't.  Why did I ever agree to do this?????

Then it's time for opening night/make-up sex.  And you remember why you love theatre/him/her. And you know that this is definitely where you want to be.

You enjoy the run; some nights aren't as good as others, but, hey, it's theatre/love!  The show closes/you break up, you strike/give him/her back his/her toothbrush and you promise each other you'll still be good friends.  Sometimes you are.  But you still hurt for a while and miss that play/person so much some days your heart won't stop aching.   You eventually get over it.  Because you know, there's always another play/person.  And maybe the next one will be the one to make you a star/actually last.  

Remind me why I do this/this again? 

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