Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sing Me a Song Mr.--oh, nevermind

I've gone out a couple of times recently to see a friend of mine play keyboard and sing--he's really good.  I'm not, but I felt inspired this morning to dust off the ol' keyboard and see what I remember.

I remember that I suck.

My main discouragement, however, is that I seem to have ADD when it comes to playing the piano.  I normally am fairly disciplined and focused when I want to do something (i.e. my current 5:00 a.m. self-taught Kaddish lessons) but when I play the piano I'll get a quarter way through a song and --SQUIRREL!!!!

Also, my fingers are pissed off at me that I started playing again without giving them warning.  They are bending all sorts of unnatural ways and shaking and just generally acting like a three-year-old on the way to the dentist.  So I will talk to them calmly, buy them an ice cream, explain that Mommy loves them and only does this because it's good for them, pop a copy of  Little Mermaid  in the DVD player and sneak out for a drink.  Works every time.

Anyway, that's enough self-disappointment for a Saturday morning.  And it's all David Roseman's fault anyway.  Thank God I haven't been going out to see any of my friends who are sword swallowers.

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