Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Geeky Theatre Post #859

I love opening up a script for the first time and highlighting my lines.  It's like getting a big box of chocolates, helping yourself to the first few pieces and then looking forward to sharing it with your friends so you can all taste how delicious it is.  I feel obligated to mention that you are probably right now comparing my metaphor to Forest's mom's metaphor.  Fair enough.  She said, "Life is like a box of chocolates", and to me, theatre is life, so. . . . yeah.  I can't be original all the time, and this is my third day in a row to write my blog, so give me a break. 

In spite of the not-being-able-to-cry thing, I am a very emotional person and I think that theatre appeals to me because it is so very emotional.  Answering the phone for a living, whether at an accounting firm or a legal firm, will never somehow pack the same emotional wallop for me. . . go know.   But it looks like theatre will never pay the bills, so everything in its place.  I am very aware of how lucky I am to have both, please know that. 

Of course, it is not just the script that makes theatre a joy for me, it is the people involved.  With the exception of my amazing, wonderful, loving, smart, kind, funny and incredible children (I'm not too proud, or anything), I have no family.  That is related to me by blood, I mean.  But thank God I have my theatre family.  And I love each of them unconditionally and forever, even if I hardly and/or never get to see them.  But I really love it when I do to get see them.  Because they feed my soul.  And, in spite of my advanced years, my soul is hungry. 

Well. . . .I certainly seem to have gotten off topic here.  I would probably not get a good grade on this if I turned it in for English class, but, ha! ha!, Work Rules and School Drools, as the Bible tells us, and Debala is done with school (!!) and can now write as she pleases.  And she is now also very pleased to highlight her lines as she opens her script for the first time.  :)

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  1. I'm going to print out this blog entry and highlight my favorite parts.