Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Gotta Lotta Nerve

Nerves.  I gotta million of them.  (So do you, I'm guessing.)  Right now, mine are very much on edge.  Meh.

I suppose it's the leaving of this job and the starting of the new job that is responsible for my Nervous Nellie Routine, but that just aggravates me and makes me even more nervous.  (There's that cycle thing again.)  When I was a kid Way Up North, we started school the Tuesday after Labor Day.  I absolutely dreaded the start of school, and was so nervous that every year for the entire month of August I couldn't eat anything but peaches.  Everything else made me sick.  I am not to the Peaches Point yet, but check with me again on Friday.  And I'll take a bushel of your finest Georgia, please.

I have tried a lot of things to calm me down, including blogging my butt off.  (It's going to be a full week, Dear Reader.)  I'm drinking tons of water, doing numerous breathing exercises (Thanks, Kathleen!), and talking myself down from ledges.  I *know* that being nervous is silly, unneccessary and detrimental, but I also *know* that *knowing* those things won't stop me from being nervous.  Maybe I should just go into a medically-induced coma till Monday morning.  I doubt if anyone would notice; it certainly wouldn't affect my current job performance. 

Anyroad, I expect this week I'll be pushing out blog entries like Michelle Duggar pushes out babies.  If they tend to get more manic as the week goes on, please forgive me.   (My blog entries, not the Baby Duggars.)  And hand me a peach.

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  1. Pointless but interesting Google turned up:

    Rhymes with NERVOUS NELLIE

    Botticelli, Delhi belly, Gabrieli, Ponchielli, royal jelly, Schiaparelli, underbelly, vermicelli