Friday, June 22, 2012

Millstones vs. Milestones

So this is my last day at Job That Must Not Be Named.  I have mixed emotions, of course, but overall I'm looking forward to moving on to someplace that really wants me.  Let's hope that infatuation lasts.

Some days you know are Uber Important and will live in your memory forever.  Other days you think should be UI end up being surprisingly (and sometimes disappointedly) *meh*.  The best/worst are the days you don't expect anything at all and they turn out to be either fantastically or horribly memorable.  Sometimes the day seems pretty "meh" at the time and then, looking back at it,  becomes memorable.  Or maybe that's just senility. 

I won't bore you with personal examples (private screenings by request), but I'm sure you've all been there.  Suffice it to say, I'm thinking this day will be pretty memorable but won't be surprised if it's "meh." 

I remember my first day here.  I remember the day they offered me a full-time position.  I remember the day we first merged.  I remember the day we merged again.  I remember the day I came in and told my boss I was getting divorced.  I remember the day a client's drug dealer came in looking for her (that was a fun day!).  I remember that feeling every year at 5:00 on April 15 (or whenever the deadline was that year) that tax season was Finally Over.  And I will miss the delightful air freshener they use in the ladies' room.  Good times. . . .

Anyroad, time to make new memories.  And, hopefully, new blog entries, but I won't know if I can keep up this frantic (ha! ha!) pace till I get the lay of the land at New Place.  Stay tuned. . . .

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