Thursday, July 12, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

I've made a couple of good decisions lately. 

Taking this job was a good decision; not that I really had a choice.  It was my only offer in three months and the cut in pay seemed a small price to pay for (hopefully) restoring my sanity.  It ain't perfect, but what is?  And I could have done worse.  Or not done at all.

Getting the Kitties was a good decision. We are getting along famously and waking up to those two sweet faces in the morning is a joy.  Rojo is a little bigger and very outgoing, while J Clyde is teeny tiny and shy.  Nothing like their namesakes, but Uber Adorable and they make me even more happy than going to those two establishments do.  Which is saying something.

Naturally,  making these two good decisions feels weird. That's not like me.  (Reference:  the chorus of Paul Simon's "Something So Right".  That's how I feel right now.  The rest of the song is a love song, and therefore irrevelent to me, but enjoy.)  I would like to believe that this is a *sign* that my life is finally taking an upswing, but my Pessimistic Irish Nature can't grasp that concept.  Instead, the PIN tends to believe that this is just the rainbow before the apocolypse.  I'm stocking up on duct tape, cat food and beer, just in case.

Regretting past decisions is a waste of time, but I do it anyway.  If I hadn't decided to quit theatre in college, I might actually be making a sort-of living in it now.  Or not.  And, I wouldn't have had my kids, which is the best thing I've ever done.  And, I sincerely doubt I would have ended up in Birmingham, which is about 1000% better than me staying in Pittsburgh.  I made the decisions I made and that's how my life was meant to go. So shut the fuck up, Deb.

I mostly regret not being more ballsy when I was younger.  People scare the shit out of me (I know I've told y'all that before) and my tendency was to not say anything even when I wanted to.  I guess I was afraid that people would hate me forever if I said something they didn't like and I would end up alone.  Now that I have ended up alone, it's not as apocolyptic as I thought it would be.  My kids are awesome and so are my friends and now I have Rojo and J Clyde, as well.  So, these days I shoot straight from the hip and so far none of the above-listed Awesomeites have abandoned me.  Of course, the kittens are pretty young. . . .(Mental Picture:  My two Kitties with little bitty bindles over their shoulders, sadly walking away from my apartment.)

 I'm thinking of taking the high road on this issue and choosing to believe my life is going to get better and better.  As long as I pay attention and don't take the curves too fast, I think I could end up in a nice place.  With Kitties in tow.

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